Shahi Galawti Kebabs from Aminia Restaurant

Happy Ramzaan guys! Hope you had a great Iftaar. To make my festivities more special, Aminia Restaurant sent over a plate of their new Shahi Galawti Kebab today evening.


Galawti kebabs are known to owe their origin to Nawab Asad-ud-Daula(1748-1797) of Lucknow.The Nawab was so fond of kebabs that he had special orders for his cooks to come up with a new variant of kebab everyday. Even during the time of the Great Famine of 1783, his khansamas were busy creating newer versions of kebabs that were incredibly soft and flavoursome. The kebabs were even served to his court men as well as the labourers who were helping him build his famous architectural marvels like Bada Imambara. The kebabs apparently included one special ingredient or spice each day to bring in a variation, which had the Nawab wondering what it was.

The legend goes that the Nawab had lost most of his dentures due to old age, but his penchant for kebabs were far from dying. So for their toothless Nawab, the seasoned khansamas came up with a popular variant which needed no chewing yet had the same rich flavours and taste of a kebab.

Galouti meant ‘soft’, something that melts in the mouth, and that was the purpose. It is believed that it was Haji Mohammad Fakr-e-Alam Saheb, the creator of the Moti Pulao, who made the first Galaouti Kebab, and gave the court this creamy, silky, mouth-watering delicacy. Instead of beef, he used the finest cuts of lamb, which was minced finely and to it a tenderiser was added, along with a heavenly mix of over 150 exotic spices to build flavour. The minced meat was then shaped into patties and fried in i for a delectable finish.


Just as the name goes, the kebabs from Aminia also melts right into your mouth and is a must try if you are craving for some delectable non-veg. Do share with me what you love to munch on when you’re bored. Thanks for reading!

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