Zoomin: Gift Memories this Diwali

Life is all about recording the special moments. Today, although many memories are built in the click of a camera, what is really lost in all this is the charm of photo albums and the joy of seeing a photograph come to life. I, for one, am also quite lazy when it comes to transferring photographs from my phone to the laptop, which has eventually resulted in many of them getting lost. To solve all these problems Zoomin has come up with this wonderful platform where they print photographs of your choice in photo albums, squares, etc. I recently got some photographs, that are really special to me, printed and I simply loved the outcome.

This is a picture from when I was 3 years old and the original copy was lost. All I had was a scanned image of the same. It was a lovely experience seeing ny childhood come back to life.

Interviews are really special to me. This picture is from my conversation with Major General G D Bakshi at the launch of “Bose or Gandhi: Who Made India Free?” where we discussed the Indian freedom struggle, war and more.

These pictures are from my most recent interviews during the promotion of Gumnaami which deals about the mystery surrounding the death of Subhas Chandra Bose and has already become a hit, two days post its release.

As we celebrate Durga Puja here in Kolkata, I revel in the joy of my vacation till Diwali. Diwali- the festival of light, joy and gifts. This Diwali, gift your loved one memories because memories are even more precious than gold.

To order photo books or other merchandise like I did, you can log in to Zoomin’s website or login from their mobile app.

Shubho Shasthi 🙂

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