The Speaking Stone



Title: Speaking Stone

Author: Ratnadip Acharya

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Aksora Publications


Speaking Stone is a gripping historical fiction. The story begins with Mumbai based Saikat finding a strange looking stone embedded with Sanskrit inscriptions from a street vendor. It intrigues him so much that he embarks on a journey to find out the origin of the stone. In this journey, he comes across Shuvashini, a PhD student, who is travelling to Unakoti in Tripura  for her research.

A parallel story runs as the history of the speaking stone in a palace in Tripura from the 1900s is unravelled to the reader. The most interesting part of the book is that it is very well-researched and uses verified facts in the build up to the fiction which can be a treat for non-fiction aficionados too.

The narrative keeps shifting timelines as the young man and the history buff tries to find out the truth behind the extraordinary stone and in a strange twist of faith, becomes victim to a ruthless conspiracy.

A quick and gripping read, the Speaking Stone is the kind of book that would inspire readers to research and read more about various historical aspects.


Rating: 4/5













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