Bankers’ Game

Title: Bankers’ Game Author: Ashutosh Mishra Genre: Fiction Publisher : Jaico Books Bankers’ Game is the story of bankers Rekha, Amit, Satya and their boss Nikhil in the disturbing market conditions. It depicts the everyday life of these bankers and their daily struggles. However, what was lacking was a storyline that would unite these characters. People in the corporate world might find a reflection of … Continue reading Bankers’ Game

Clues to the Cosmos: Discovering Women in STEM

Title: Clues to the Cosmos Author: Shohini Ghose Genre: Popular Science Publisher: Jaico Books Shohini Ghose is a multi-award-winning quantum physicist and Professor of Physics and Computer Science at Wilfrid Laurier University. She is the President (2019-2020) of the Canadian Association of Physicists, the Co-Editor in Chief of the Canadian Journal of Physics, and the Director of the Laurier Centre for Women in Science. She … Continue reading Clues to the Cosmos: Discovering Women in STEM

My Son’s Inheritance: A Secret History of Lynching and Blood Violence in India

  Title: My Son’s Inheritance Author: Aparna Vaidik Genre: Non-fiction Publisher: Aleph Book Company   The perpetrators of this violence have not always been the state, the rulers, the police or the army but also our silence. Our looking away from inconvenient truths, our blindness to our social privilege, and in our ability to pass off our unearned privilege as merit or as advantages earned … Continue reading My Son’s Inheritance: A Secret History of Lynching and Blood Violence in India

Pilgrim Nation: The Making of Bharatvarsha

Title: Pilgrim Nation- The Making of Bharatvarsha Author: Devdutt Pattnaik Publisher: Aleph Book Company Genre: Non-fiction, Mythology, Travel Devdutt Pattnaik, the auteur of Indian mythology, has come up with his new book Pilgrim Nation that traces Indiathrough 32 pilgrimage sites. Pilgrimages are one of the most important resources of revenue in Indian tourism. Hence, this book, firstly, is a handy guide to anyone interested in … Continue reading Pilgrim Nation: The Making of Bharatvarsha

The New World Disorder and The Indian Imperative

  Title: The New World Disorder and the Indian Imperative Author: Shashi Tharoor, Samir Saran Genre: Non fiction Publisher: Aleph Book Company   As a dedicated reader of Dr Shashi Tharoor, I was very disappointed last year when despite so much happening across the globe, he chose to write a book on theology. However, with the launch of this book coupled with ORF Director Samir … Continue reading The New World Disorder and The Indian Imperative

The Speaking Stone

  Title: Speaking Stone Author: Ratnadip Acharya Genre: Fiction Publisher: Aksora Publications   Speaking Stone is a gripping historical fiction. The story begins with Mumbai based Saikat finding a strange looking stone embedded with Sanskrit inscriptions from a street vendor. It intrigues him so much that he embarks on a journey to find out the origin of the stone. In this journey, he comes across … Continue reading The Speaking Stone

Who Stole My Job?

  Who Stole My Job is less of fiction and more of reality as it throws light on the ruthless, cruel corporate world and the Indian American dream. The plot centres around Creative Tech, a software giant which goes through managerial changes and ends up being headed by a corporate honcho from the US as the bosses want the company to grow and innovate being … Continue reading Who Stole My Job?

Kashmir As I See It

  Title: Kashmir As I See It From Within and Afar Author: Ashok Dhar Genre: Non-fiction Publisher: Rupa Publications   Ashok Dhar, born and brought up in Kashmir, in this part historical and part autobiographical journey, gives an insight into the real problems plaguing Kashmir by looking at it through the mirror of objectivity and rationalism. Beginning with the true essence of Kashmiriyat and the … Continue reading Kashmir As I See It

Coming Out As Dalit: Relooking the Caste Question

  Title: Coming Out As Dalit Author: Yashica Dutt Publisher: Aleph Book Company Genre: Non-fiction   The question of caste-based reservation has always plagued India and has been a matter of debate among the middle class youth beginning in the 1990s when a young boy self-immolated himself to protest against the Mandal Commission. I myself have been a part of many such debates regarding caste-based … Continue reading Coming Out As Dalit: Relooking the Caste Question

Politics of Jugaad

Title: Politics of Jugaad- A Coalition Handbook Author: Saba Naqvi Publisher: Rupa Publications Genre: Politics As we’re midway into the election, famous journalist and psephologist Saba Naqvi has come out with her latest book Politics of Jugaad which is a book tracing the history of coalition governments in India. The fascination with a ‘great leader’, such as Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi, is now quite … Continue reading Politics of Jugaad

Straight to Normal: My Life as a Gay Man

  Title: Straight to Normal Author: Sharif D. Rangnekar Genre: Autobiographical/ LGBT Publisher: Rupa Publications   “Homosexuality is a natural variant of human sexulity. A person’s sexual orientation is intrinsic to their being. It is connected with their individuality, and identity. A classification which discriminates between persons based on their innate nature, would be violative of their fundamental rights, and cannot withstand the test of constitutional … Continue reading Straight to Normal: My Life as a Gay Man

Calcutta Under Fire

  Title: Calcutta Under Fire- The Second World War Years Author: David Lockwood Genre: Non-fiction Publisher: Rupa Publication   The Second World War was the most important phase in the history of India as well as the world. Calcutta Under Fire explores the different political and humanitarian aspects when Kolkata was affected by the war and the Japanese ironically sided with INA led by Netaji … Continue reading Calcutta Under Fire