Decoding the Netaji Death Mystery with Chandrachur- Dhar

Those of you who know me are aware of how closely I have been following the Netaji death mystery since 2015. In the process, I had the opportunity to get in touch with Anuj Dhar, Chandrachur Ghosh and the team of Mission Netaji. Recent RTI findings along with the representation of the case in various mediums like films (Gumnaami) and webseries (Bose:Dead or Alive) have brought … Continue reading Decoding the Netaji Death Mystery with Chandrachur- Dhar

In Conversation with Krishnan Srinivasan

Krishnan Srinivasan is a retired Indian diplomat, scholar, author, former Indian Foreign Secretary, and Deputy Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations. He was educated at Bedford School and Christ Church, Oxford. He was appointed to the Indian Foreign Service in May 1959.   If you had to inspire a teenager to join the Indian Foreign Service what would you tell him/her? You can serve the … Continue reading In Conversation with Krishnan Srinivasan

Meeting Nandita Das at Tata Kolkata Literary Meet 2020

  Why did you choose to tell and now retell Manto’s story and has it become more important in today’s times? Manto’s own life, his values and ideals which come out deeply through his stories, deeply resonate with me. He was deeply troubled by the times he lived in when identities were used to divide people. He suffered from censorship; he talks about prejudices and … Continue reading Meeting Nandita Das at Tata Kolkata Literary Meet 2020

Chit Chat with Janta Ka Reporter Ravish Kumar

How did your initiation into journalism happen? My teacher had suggested that I should become a journalist. So I tried pursuing that direction but did not know anything about the profession. I tried in many places but did not get a job. Finally I got the job of sorting letters in NDTV. Gradually, I became a translator, copied pieces for other people at the desk, … Continue reading Chit Chat with Janta Ka Reporter Ravish Kumar

Tete-a-tete with Mukhpreet Khurana

The team of Bookpreneur recently got me a chance to interview the author of Unlocked Silences, Mukhpreet Khurana as a part of their Unlocked Silences digital Book Tour. I hope you enjoy reading the answers as much as I did: What/Who inspired you to write the book? Are they different inspirations behind every single poem in it? Unlocked Silences is inspired by companionship in its … Continue reading Tete-a-tete with Mukhpreet Khurana

Author Speaks: Devdutt Pattanaik

He has literally brought Gen-Y back to the Vedas. The man’s modern interpretation of ancient Indian scriptures have shed new light on our past and made the texts accessible by translating them into reader-friendly, more approachable versions; eliminating our fear of complicated Sanskrit jargons. Devdutt Pattanaik, the mythology-man of India is back with his new book Ramayana Versus Mahabharata: My Playful Companion where he analyses … Continue reading Author Speaks: Devdutt Pattanaik


In Conversation With Finely Chopped

The first Instagram account that drew my attention when I started exploring the world of food blogging was that of Kalyan Karmakar (@thefinelychopped ). What attracted me was the fact that it didn’t just have pictures of exotic dishes but of very simple, homely food that could be made from scratch and would taste as good. His InstaStories where he shares his cooking experiments are … Continue reading In Conversation With Finely Chopped

Author Speaks: Teresa Rehman

Teresa Rehman is an Indian journalist and the author of ‘The Mothers of Manipur’. The nude protest by 12 elderly women in Imphal on July 15, 2004 shocked the nation. Teresa Rehman’s book isn’t just a collection of the biographies of these women; it is an attempt to arrive at a nuanced understanding of strife-torn Manipur.   What inspired you to become a journalist? That’s … Continue reading Author Speaks: Teresa Rehman

Meeting Iranian Auteur Majid Majidi

Majid Majidi is one of the most recognized figures of the second New Iranian Wave, a dynamic cultural movement that began after the Islamic Revolution in 1979. This came up as a reaction to the growing austerity and indoctrination of the new, anti-Western regime. Majidi is a film director, producer and screenwriter who started his film career as an actor. In 1998, Majidi directed the film Children of Heaven, which … Continue reading Meeting Iranian Auteur Majid Majidi


Author Speaks: Manu Joseph

Interviews have been a hot favourite on this blog and as a reporter, it is also something that I enjoy the most. So here’s documenting a small interaction I had with journalist turned author Manu Joseph during the Kolkata Literary Meet 2018. His latest book is Miss Laila, Armed and Dangerous. 1. Was becoming a writer a conscious decision on your part? Yes it was. My father was … Continue reading Author Speaks: Manu Joseph


Author Speaks: Anjali Kirpalani

Hello Readers! My interview with Shashi Tharoor was the most viewed post on this blog. So here’s presenting the second interview- of best-selling author Anjali Kirpalani, as she speaks about her latest release 19 Till I Die, literature and more. 1. What inspired you to write ‘19 Till I Die’? I received the opportunity to be an exchange student at the University of Guelph in Canada for one semester when … Continue reading Author Speaks: Anjali Kirpalani

Arko mukherjee interview

Arko Mukhaerjee: The Man and His Music

Every Indian who is a fan of folk music is accustomed to the name of Arko Mukhaerjee, the front man of Fiddler’s Green, a Bengali folk band with the elements of bluegrass and Appalachian music along with Celtic, Afro-Cuban, Middle Eastern, Jewish and gypsy folk soundscape.  Formally trained in Indian classical music from his parents, Arko is equally versatile with European, African, Middle – eastern, American and … Continue reading Arko Mukhaerjee: The Man and His Music