Gumnaami: The Greatest Story Never Told

‘গুমনামি’ নিয়ে যে একটা শঙ্কা ছিল না তা বললে ভুল বলা হবে। তবে ছবিটি দেখার পর বলতে বাঁধা নেই যে সব ভয় কেটে গেছে। যারা একটা সত্যকে ধাওয়া করতে নিজেদের জীবনের সবটা দিয়ে দিল, তাদের সেই প্রাপ্য সম্মানটা দিয়েছে এই ছবি। শুধু ইতিহাসের বইয়ে পড়া একজন মানুষ যাকে কিনা আমরা কোনদিন সচক্ষে দেখিনি, তাঁর জন্য একটা সুনিশ্চিত চাকরি ছাড়াটা বোধহয় আমাদের মধ্যবিত্তদের কল্পনার অতীত, কাজে … Continue reading Gumnaami: The Greatest Story Never Told

I Stayed Away from Social Media for a Month and Here’s What Changed

  Around a month back, I very consciously, due to a bugging guilt of not working enough, decided to cut off from all social circles. Although I’m out of the self-imposed isolation now, here are some of the things that I learnt from that experience:   I saved a LOT of time: This was the main purpose of my action. We don’t realise how much we … Continue reading I Stayed Away from Social Media for a Month and Here’s What Changed

Shahi Galawti Kebabs from Aminia Restaurant

Happy Ramzaan guys! Hope you had a great Iftaar. To make my festivities more special, Aminia Restaurant sent over a plate of their new Shahi Galawti Kebab today evening. Galawti kebabs are known to owe their origin to Nawab Asad-ud-Daula(1748-1797) of Lucknow.The Nawab was so fond of kebabs that he had special orders for his cooks to come up with a new variant of kebab … Continue reading Shahi Galawti Kebabs from Aminia Restaurant

What Is the Life Of a Soldier Worth?

Kashmir has been an issue which has always been very close to my heart, As an Indian who does believe that the valley is rightfully a part of our country, I have always echoed the concerns of multiple human rights group who have drawn our attention towards the excesses on the civilians and would continue to do so. However, there is another side to the … Continue reading What Is the Life Of a Soldier Worth?

The Accidental Prime Minister: Book vs Movie

Trends make you do a lot of things these days. What it made me do was watch the movie The Accidental prime Minister first and then, when not satisfied with it (what on earth made me believe that I would be happy with a movie version of an existing book), I picked up the much discussed book by Sanjaya Baru for a first-hand account. I am … Continue reading The Accidental Prime Minister: Book vs Movie

The Not-So-Sassy Tharoor

I remember feeling super proud on a  weekday in a civics class in middle school when I discovered Shashi Tharoor’s name in the otherwise boring chapter titled ‘United Nations’  as we skimmed through various non-Indian names and terms I could not associate myself with. The sheer joy of realizing that an Indian had gone so close to achieving the highest position in the most important … Continue reading The Not-So-Sassy Tharoor

Apeejay Bangla Sahityo Utsav 2018

Kolkata is known as the land of Tagore. And it is in his abode that the biggest cultural milieu of the city took place recently last week. The Jorasanko thakur dalan was infused with new life for three days (16-18 November) as it celebrated Kolkata’s biggest festival in honour of the Bengali language- the Apeejay Bangla Sahityo Utsav 2018.    Including all forms of literature, the … Continue reading Apeejay Bangla Sahityo Utsav 2018

The Biggest Celebration of Bangla Literature is Here!

Hello lovely bibliophiles of Bengal! Here’s your opportunity to meet your favourite authors from the cultural capital of the country. The dates and schedule of the much-awaited Apeejay Bangla Sahityo Utsav are finally out. Bengalis love to read. A novel and gorom cha is all we need and we can spend hours without caring for the world. We are witness to one of the most populated … Continue reading The Biggest Celebration of Bangla Literature is Here!

What is Love Worth?

Being the quintessential Bengali kid feeding on Tagore and Victorian classics, I have grown up to be a hopelessly romantic adult- as emotional and sensitive as the heroines sketched by the auteurs whose works I have idolized. However, no matter how earth-shattering it may sound, literature is not life. I have fallen in love over and over again. I have forged friendships and laid myself … Continue reading What is Love Worth?

Bubbly New Additions to Cha Bar, Kolkata

“Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably.”  – C. S Lewis   Book cafes are a match made in heaven for a foodie bookworm like me. Being too fond of book aesthetic, the cosy Oxford Bookstores outlet in Park Street is my favourite getaway from the realities of the world. What makes it more heartwarming is Cha Bar, its cafeteria. Bustling with discussions by the … Continue reading Bubbly New Additions to Cha Bar, Kolkata

#BlogToPM: Where is Our Democracy?

Dear Prime Minister, The media, as we know, is the fourth pillar of democracy, checking the first three from becoming arbitrary. As a citizen of the world’s largest democracy, press freedom in this country is something that I thought I would be proud of. A 2015 report said India is Asia’s deadliest country for media personnel, ahead of both Pakistan and Afghanistan. India’s rank out … Continue reading #BlogToPM: Where is Our Democracy?